A Great Sunset Hike to Fremont Fire Lookout

Last summer, I took a group out on an amazing sunset and moonlight hike out to Fremont Fire Lookout, in Mt. Rainier National Park.

For just around 5.5 miles round trip, with around 1200 ft elevation gain, this is a great, shorter hike to explore one of the most scenic fire lookouts in the park.

I have shared some of my favorite photos from this adventure, enjoy!

The trail is well marked, and easy to follow.
You will get a great view of Frozen Lake when it thaws out over the summer.
You will hike by a great meadow, with panoramic views all around.
Just as we got to the lookout, the moon started to come over the horizon behind us.
Its even more amazing out here once the stars come out. You can see the headlamps of climbers heading up the glacier from Camp Schurman.
It is amazing how quiet it is out here, once all the day hikers have left!
This is the trail we hiked back on, after being lit up by moonlight..

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